Do you need an appraisal?

There are many different reasons for needing to know the value of your motor vehicle. Here are the most common reasons:

Insurance valuation –  Many insurance companies require an appraisal if you own an exotic, specialty, antique, or modified vehicle. We have the ability to determine the values of these vehicles when insurance companies can’t.

Legal valuation – Estate settlement, divorce, or bankruptcy; we have the ability to valuate any vehicle, automotive or powersports, regardless of its condition or completeness.

Donation valuation – If you are considering donating your vehicle to a charitable organization you will want to know what your tax deductible donation is worth. We can also help you with the paperwork you will need to file with the IRS.

Buying or selling a vehicle? – We would be happy to appraise or do a pre-purchase inspection on any vehicle you may consider buying. Our appraisals can validate your asking price for any vehicle you are planning to sell.

  When you need to know what it is worth,  get an appraisal from an industry professional who understands your investment, the Motor Vehicle Appraisal Service.

–  Realistic appraisal values for:

Automobiles, Classic cars, Stock cars, Street Rods, Trucks, New and Vintage Motorcycles, Sport and Custom ATV’s, snowmobiles and unfinished projects.

From someone who understands your investment

Tom Marks,  Motor Vehicle Appraisal Service

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