The Standard Appraisal

The standard appraisal is a generalized snapshot of a vehicles value based on its overall condition. Its overall condition is determined based on the individual condition of the exterior, interior and trunk, chassis, and engine bay. The vehicle will be started to insure that it runs but it will not be road tested.

This service includes an appraisal on our standard form plus a copy of the form that is emailed to the client with ten photos of the appraised vehicle.

Pricing starts at $175 for automotive and truck appraisals done locally*.

Pricing starts at $125 for motorcycle and powersports appraisals done locally*.

The Standard Automotive Pre-Purchase Inspection 

The standard automotive pre-purchase inspection is for anyone who is considering purchasing a vehicle and needs a comprehensive evaluation of that vehicles condition and operation.

This service includes a 165 point inspection of the entire vehicle. The operation of the entire electrical system, engine, transmission, rear end, brakes, chassis, and body components are checked and defects are noted. The vehicle is also road tested. Over 150 photos are taken of the vehicle showing the chassis, drivetrain, suspension, engine bay, trunk, interior, driver controls and a 360* view of the vehicles exterior. A field report is completed and the full report is emailed to the client.

Pricing starts at $200 for pre-purchase inspections done locally*.

The Motorcycle and Powersports Pre-Purchase Inspection

This inspection takes a much closer look at the vehicle than a standard appraisal. The operation of the chassis, driveline, rider controls, and condition of the bodywork or sheetmetal are closely examined. Leaks, component failures, and potential problems are noted and photographed. The vehicle will be road or off-road tested. Other powersports vehicles such as jet skis and snowmobiles will be started and operated if the environment is available to do so. The number of photos taken will vary based on the vehicle being examined but the collection of photos will be comprehensive.

Pricing starts at $150 for motorcycle and powersports pre-purchase inspections done locally*.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection and Appraisal

The pre-purchase inspection and appraisal includes all of the features listed above and also includes an appraisal value as well. This appraisal can be used to validate or question the asking price of a vehicle and give you, the buyer, a better position to bargain from when negotiating a final sale price.

Pricing starts at $225 for automotive and truck pre-purchase inspection and appraisals done locally*.

Pricing starts at $175 for motorcycle and powersports pre-purchase inspection and appraisals done locally*.

Note: We do not do appraisals or inspections based on photos that are supplied to us. We need to physically see the vehicle in order to appraise or inspect a vehicle.

Also: Check our Calendar of Events. We travel to many automotive events on the US East Coast and we offer significant discounts on our services at these events.


We will perform a 135 point inspection on any vehicle at public auction facilities in and around Central Florida. Depending on the location of the facility, pricing starts as follows:

                Auto / Truck $175                   Motorcycle / ATV $125

 Call for exact pricing. Other terms and conditions regarding auction inspections can be found on the ‘Blogs’ page of this website.

(*) Locally refers to any  inspection done within a  25 mile radius of Edgewater, Florida 32141. Inspections done beyond a 50 mile round trip will incur an added mileage fee of $.50 per mile for every mile travelled over 50.  Please call if you would like to know what the mileage fee would be to complete any inspection.

NOTE: Auction inspections do not include photographs of the vehicle unless it is necessary to reveal hidden damage not stated in the description of the vehicle by the auction facility. Please refer to the vehicles description on the auction facility’s website for photos of the vehicle.

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