I recently did a pre-purchase inspection on a 2017 Corvette and was honored to meet it’s owner.

Dave is a Vietnam War veteran and is my kind of hero. His tour of duty ended when a North Vietnamese AK47 round landed next to his spine and remains there to this day. After recuperating from the gunshot wound Dave came back to the states, bought himself a new Corvette and went to college in pursuit of a degree in engineering. A family developed and Dave integrated himself into various engineering jobs eventually retiring from the Saginaw Division of General Motors.

Dave mentioned that he’s had many Corvettes over the past 45 years. Sadly, this 2017 LT1 with only 5000 miles on it was going to be his last. Dave said the pain medication he needs to take these days doesn’t make him feel confident to continue to drive anymore.

Dave’s Corvette is nearly immaculate top to bottom. Even though the car is a base model by Corvette standards, it’s well equipped, comfortable, handles precisely, and very fast. The 455 hp 6.2L motor moves the car effortlessly and at one point in the road test pushed us from 35 to 90 mph in just a few seconds.

What a pleasure it was to inspect this car and meet the patriot that owns it. Thank you for your service Dave. Good luck selling the ‘Vette.